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Albaglobal: Marketing Yourself

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On Becoming a Translator
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 05:24:14 EDT (3054 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself
When Gabe Bokor asked me to write a translator profile because I could serve as a model for young colleagues, I felt flattered, confused, and a little bit offended for, even at 47, I count myself among the "young colleagues" who could use a little bit of advice from more experienced practitioners. I felt confused because I usually shun the spotlight: the only time a newspaper published a picture of me on the front page, a Nobel laureate was signing one of his books. The caption, alas, did not mention my name.

Like many of our colleagues, I did not dream about becoming a translator when I was a child. As any self-respecting kid of my age and times, I dreamed about becoming an astronaut or a firefighter. Later the forces we name collectively as "life" took me to several fields, every step taking me farther away from space suits and bright red fire engines. I became electrician, darkroom operator, chemical engineer, computer programmer, mass spectroscopist, book reviewer, semantics teacher, and high-speed video specialist. Many excellent men and women in these and many other fields shared their knowledge with me. In long or short conversations, sometimes over coffee, beer, or wine, sometimes while waiting for the elution of an analyte from the HPLC column, the linking of a set of compiled files, or the arrival of a spare part, they explained to me the performing of a step, the inner workings of a device, the building of a structure, the behavior of a compound, or the implications of an awkward theory.

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What Marketing Can't Do For You
Posted by Genta on Friday, October 19 @ 00:34:46 EDT (2010 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

I thought I would clear up some misconceptions about marketing in this two-part series: What Marketing Can Do For You and What Marketing Can’t Do For You. This issue is about what marketing can’t do.
While there’s no question a solid marketing program can increase your business, it can’t fix everything. Below are 5 things marketing can’t do for you:

1. Marketing can’t make you an overnight success. Just because you start a marketing program doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to see your business explode. Marketing is about getting your name in front of your target market on a regular basis until they finally decide to give you a try.

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Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't It?
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 16 @ 09:23:36 EDT (1963 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

New entrepreneurs frequently hear the advice to "be unique" in their marketing. The basic idea is a valuable one - to get attention in a crowded marketplace, you must stand out in some way. Distinguishing your product or service from the competition can make your marketing more effective. Crafting a novel marketing message can attract the notice of more potential customers.

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Best Face Forward: In Person Marketing Skills for T&I Professionals
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 16 @ 09:16:07 EDT (1848 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

After you've mailed your resume to a thousand agencies, sent out brochures detailing your services, or paid dearly for a display advertisement, how else can you market your services? Consider meeting potential clients in person. After all, some of the greatest business relationships in the world were initiated person-to-person. Here are a few steps to finding your most desirable clients in person, while making a great first impression.

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How to write a good CV in English?
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 16 @ 09:13:54 EDT (2336 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

Nowadays, employers tend to receive thousands of applications for a job as soon as it is advertised on the job market. Therefore it is vital that your letter should stand out from the thousands of CVs and letters that people are going to send.

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How to write a good covering letter in English
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 16 @ 09:12:25 EDT (2861 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

The job market today is becoming more and more demanding. A good CV with good qualifications is no longer enough to impress an employer. The covering letter is a vital part of your application. Here, the employer can tell straight away from the presentation and style of writing whether the candidate will be suitable for the job. The covering letter is the perfect opportunity to make your application stand out from the many that employers receive on a daily basis.

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Lab Report on a Marketing Campaign for Freelance Translation Services
Posted by ermali on Monday, October 15 @ 09:14:41 EDT (2159 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

This article sums up my experiment in attempting to divulge my freelance translation services over the web. I hope it will be useful for translators in a similar situation, as well as translation agencies who are permanently seeking freelancers worldwide. It was written right after the campaign itself, before any concrete objectives were attained, so I'm not claiming any effectiveness. The intent is to provide both freelance translators and translation agencies with a few ideas to tinker with.

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Can you hire me now?
Posted by ermali on Monday, October 15 @ 09:10:00 EDT (2420 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

A Dozen Donts and Dos to apply for and bid on jobs

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Your website: Your virtual business card
Posted by ermali on Monday, October 15 @ 09:04:36 EDT (1898 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

To make one thing clear way ahead, without a website you will not survive on this market. And while you are at it, make sure the website is user-friendly because you will need to make changes once in a while and if only to promote some new services. A website should list all the services you are about to offer as well as all your contact details. In the US pictures of yourself and your colleagues are seen as a sign of trustworthiness and reliability, in Europe this notion is not so widely spread, mainly because we are a little shy when it comes to posting pictures of ourselves on the net.

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Creating your business information material – your own brochure
Posted by ermali on Monday, October 15 @ 09:02:46 EDT (1766 reads)
Topic Marketing Yourself

To succeed as a freelance translator you need to advertise and present some information about yourself and the services you are offering. Imagine some client emails you and asks about your qualifications. What an advantage if you have a precompiled document with this information ready to send out.

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