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Albaglobal: Localization

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Document Localization
Posted by genta on Monday, June 09 @ 11:47:36 EDT (2685 reads)
Topic Localization
With the millions of people all over the globe online, many companies profit from making their products and services available to this global market. The process of preparing a product or service for this global market is known as globalization and is made up of two primary components: localization and internationalization. Localization tailors the product for a specific locale while internationalization enables the product to be used without language or culture obstructions. Both are important for ensuring that your product is accessible to anyone, anywhere, but neither can be done by just anyone. You need to find experts in not only language but culture as well. Millions every year are lost because a company going global shortcuts on document localization. Entire ad campaigns wrongly translated will not only be a huge waste of money but also damage your company's brand.

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Translation and localization services to boost product penetration
Posted by genta on Monday, June 09 @ 11:43:44 EDT (2682 reads)
Topic Localization
Online translation and other certified translation services that are the key jobs of a professional translation agency. These professional translation services require translators who have a high degree of command over the native language or the technical document language for its high quality interpretation. The translators are picked up after thorough screening in order to ensure that the clients are completely satisfied. Professional translation has become a huge industry with ever increasing takers and the cheap labour that goes into it.

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Software Localization: Seven Important Rules
Posted by genta on Monday, June 09 @ 11:35:28 EDT (3143 reads)
Topic Localization

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Software Localization, what is it?
Posted by genta on Monday, June 09 @ 11:33:26 EDT (4408 reads)
Topic Localization

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What Localization Models Can Learn From Translation Theory
Posted by Genta on Wednesday, October 17 @ 08:26:07 EDT (2581 reads)
Topic Localization

Translation theory may have a lot to learn from localization models, but the latter may have just as much to learn from the former. With that in mind, Anthony Pym invites us to pause in our dismissal of translation theory as academic clap-trap long enough to discover what it has to offer.
Translation theory has a lot to learn from localization. Efficiency, teamwork, how to explain problems to clients, how to work with technology, to name just a few. So why would localization have nothing to learn from translation theory? I suspect it is a problem of sifting ideas from the jargon. But that complaint works both ways (just check your own multiplying sigla!). If one cares to see through the clouds, there might just be some interesting ideas in translation theory. Those ideas might even have something to say about localization. More to the point, they might undo a few of the myths circulated by localization hype. Here we shall suggest just a few.

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eCoLoRe (eContent Localization Resources for Translator Training)
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 16 @ 01:31:37 EDT (2308 reads)
Topic Localization
A Major Breakthrough for Translator Training

 A new EU-funded project under the Leonardo da Vinci II program promises to create a freely accessible repository of data for training translators in the use of translation tools. Alan Wheatley reports below on the results of a recent Translation Memory Survey conducted as part of eCoLoRe’s mandate. It bears some similarities to the recent LISA survey on the same subject. However, there are some important differences as well. While the LISA survey focuses on industry usage of TM and treats it essentially as a business function, the eCoLoRe survey concentrates primarily on individual use of TM, highlighting who is using TM and how. Perhaps most importantly, it provides a good overview of the issues that keep many translators from using TM.

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Chinese whispers:
Posted by Genta on Saturday, October 13 @ 02:49:35 EDT (2564 reads)
Topic Localization
Challenges of Chinese for localisation

Chinese is the world's most widely spoken language. Approximately 1.5 billion people around the globe speak one of its variants, yet it remains one of the languages about which people outside Greater China have remarkably little understanding.

The multifaceted evolution, unique geographical distribution and sheer complexity of the language have all been factors in causing difficulties in communication not only between Chinese and non- Chinese speaking regions, but also within China. This clearly affects the ways in which to deal successfully with China, and yet it is not uncommon to meet specialists in Chinese translation and interpretation who do not have a clear idea of the complexity and diversity of this ancient language. A brief survey of the nature of Chinese today is a good starting point from which to gain a better grasp of these issues.

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Switching Off Autopilot: The Power of Choice
Posted by Genta on Wednesday, October 10 @ 00:40:44 EDT (2281 reads)
Topic Localization

An innovative business model takes off in the localization industry? 

Merger mania is back. After a break from the last round of high profile mergers and acquisitions in 2002, the consolidation seen in 2005 supports the premise that the localization industry, only 20 years young, continues to mature and become more sophisticated. Previous acquisitions, such as those from Alpnet or Berlitz, expanded their acquirer's client base and reduced redundant costs to enhance the overall bottom line. Similarly, SDL's recent purchase of TRADOS, the industry-leading TM tool, and Lionbridge's acquisition of Logoport last year drastically increased their capacity to provide technology and globalization management solutions (GMS). Integrating these GMS solutions into the globalization process will allow them to realistically address important challenges they face in reducing costs. More importantly, it will increase the flexibility and integration of the 1st Generation, multi-level subcontracting models they have built over the years. Their ability to meet this challenge will change the industry's dynamics we work in. Hopefully, only for the better.

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Offshoring considerations
Posted by Genta on Wednesday, October 10 @ 00:18:59 EDT (2354 reads)
Topic Localization

There is an ongoing debate about the benefits of offshoring services to lower-cost countries. Myself, I believe that offshoring of localization can produce cost benefits, but more importantly, it can provide scalability of localization services.
However, before you start sending your localization to a vendor in India, Russia, or China, it is important to recognize that this will have little impact on one of the largest cost components of your project: translation.

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Why do localization Projects Fail?
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 23:42:29 EDT (2493 reads)
Topic Localization

ClientSide News Magazine picture You know what I mean…

Jumping to conclusions, taking things for granted, we all have been there! Localization projects often run awry because of imprecise or implicit communications. In particular when it comes to deliverables (You need those html files compiled into a .chm?) and services to perform (You expect who to build this software?) for a particular project.

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