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Bullet English Grammar
English Grammar

· Topic: English Grammar
· Total Articles: 57
· Total Reads: 149764
  Grammatical Conversion in English:
  ADJECTIVES; When nice is not so nice
  British vs. American English
  The Conditional Tense
  Using the Grammar Check
  Top Ten Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages
  Do we say “an historic” or “a historic”?
  ''Which'' or ''that'': Choosing between them made easy
  Should I ''boldly go'' or ''go boldly''?
  Intonation In English: Nouns And Adjectives
  Reading & Writing English: Words Ending In ''D''
  The American English Accent:
  ''Less'' or ''fewer'': Is there still a difference?
  Intonation In English: Expressions Of Two Words
  The American English Accent : The Voiced And Unvoiced
  English Intonation: The Noun And Verb
  Hyphens made easy
  Do you ''take'' or ''make'' a decision?
  Are full stops placed inside or outside quotation marks?
  ''Affect'' or ''effect'': it's harder than you think!
  ''Active'' and ''passive'' voices made simple
  Apostrophes: a gentle introduction
  ''Ought to'' and ''Should''
  Not and its position in the sentence
  Word Division
  Split Infinitives
  Common mistakes in using one word for another
  Confusion between To Lay and To Lie
  Double Negatives
  How to use the verb ''may''
  How to use ''might''
  Words that are often confused (a lesson)
  Currency Units
  On Capitalisation
  Slipping into a comma! Again????
  The apostrophe
  Double trouble
  You say eeither, and I say eiither
  What's in a Name?
  '-ic' and '-al'
  Hyphenation - some helpful hints
  Transparent words or Faux-amis?
  Unsolved mysteries: Web site or website?
  Comma Controversies
  Spelling Dilemmas
  Place Names in English
  ''Ise'' or ''Ize''?
  Also, As Well and Too: Three Ways to Say More
  Conversation Starters: The Correct Way to Use ''Since''
  Understanding headlines
  Stuck for words? A rough guide to Conversational Fillers
  Comparative structures in English
  Does Juliet's Rose, by Any Other Name, Smell as Sweet?
  What’s in a Name:
  Are double negatives okay? Yes!
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