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Translation management & productivity tools for high-quality translations

and streamlined processes.

Translation Business Management System

A cloud base business management solution
for small + medium size translation company

Phoenix is Albaglobal’s proprietary, cloud-base translation business management solution, which covers the basic needs of a small / medium-size translation agency or company.  Its main modules are combined to cover all aspects of running a translation business.

Phoenix provides remote access to users and customizable access rights to all roles within a translation business.

It allows effortless creation of new projects, monitoring, invoicing and payment tracking via the same interface of inter-related modules.

Client Management Module

The client module facilitates the management of the clients’ database. It allows the user to store all relevant client contact details, invoicing requirements, the people in the organization as well as tracking of all completed projects for a specific client.

It features a search engine using the core details of a clients profile allowing the user to obtain results searching for Clients’ Name, Country, and Client Type.

All features are easily edited via the Admin section of the system.

Vendor Management Module

The vendor management module allows easy addition/editing/deleting of a vendor profile. It can accommodate detailed information on a vendor such as the contact details, languages and language combinations with the related pricing, tools and skills and it stores a copy of the vendors’ CV.

The detailed search mechanism allows retrieval of information on the right vendors through its multiple searching features. It helps the Project Manager getting informed on the availability of vendors for inquired language combination.

Project Management Module

The Project Management module combines the functionalities of Client and Vendor Management modules allowing the creation and management of translation projects. It enables the Project Manager to keep track of a project at its various stages.

All tasks are fully customizable and all relevant data (including the delivery dates for each step, the clients’ project manager, technical support staff, translators, and revisers), can be stored, regularly updated, retrieved and searched for within the software.

Project related costs can be tracked down and project profit margins are calculated automatically.

Finance Modules

Two finance modules, respectively for Client and Vendor Payments,  provide the functionality of creating single or multiple Invoices for the Clients and similarly Purchase Orders for the Vendors with the press of a button. A PDF Invoice or Purchase Order is generated automatically and stored in a monthly basis navigation system. Monthly totals are calculated on the go in several currencies.

The status of payments can be tracked easily and the search mechanism allows for quick results on Client Name, Invoice No., Job No., and Reference No.

The following screen shoots  illustrate the basic functionalities of the available modules

Client Management
Client Management
Project Management
Finance Module
Client ManagementProject ManagementFinance Module



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