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Client: Devoll Hydropower Sh.A.

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. develops hydroelectric power plants in the southeastern part of Albania. The company builds, owns, and operates power plants; and transfers the ownership to the Republic of Albania after fulfilling the concession agreement obligations. Through its international and local expertise, Devoll Hydropower is dedicated to offer European standards and good industry practices building optimal hydropower plants, producing renewable and environmentally friendly energy.


In the framework of the Devoll Hydropower project, the company Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. has contracted Albaglobal since 2014 for the provision of high quality translations of documents such as hydropower plant construction & use manuals, technical equipment documentation, subcontractor agreements, HSSE policies, official communications with the competent Albanian authorities, etc.


Since 2014, Albaglobal has been providing language services to Devoll Hydropower on a regular basis, translating nearly 500k words. Our productivity is partly due to the use of CAT tools making the translation process easier for our translators by building and updating translation memory banks during the translation process and ensuring a rigorous consistency of terminology throughout our work. The use of CAT tools has proven highly efficient in projects such as these, where the consistency of technical terms is a key indicator of the quality of our service. Our team of translators engaged in the Devoll Hydropower project consists of professional translators with a deep understanding of technical terminology.

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